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A Word from Shannon Raines

A Local Music Artist

My name is Shannon Raines and I'm a local music artist offering you a 10-track CD filled with great music, as well as a chance to take your own music to the next level. I have a lot of insight within the industry, meaning I know exactly how your songs should sound and how much you'll love my new music CD. You won't find another local country music artist like me.

My Musical Accomplishments
My experience in music is extensive. I've been playing music for a long time, and my first gig was when I was 10 years old. I haven't done much else since that time because of my love and passion for music. I even traveled the world with USO tours, Tri-State tours, and other tours to open shows for Merle Haggard, Gary Stewart, Neil McCoy, Perfect Stranger, Johnny Lee, and other artists.

My Background
I grew up in the country, and picked up music because of its ability to tell a story and let fans get something out of it. Music is more than just a beat or a melody with lyrics—it's a story that many listeners can relate to. I soon picked up a recorder for someone else's songs, and am now at the point of telling my own stories in my CD.

Playing Guitar - Shannon Raines-Studio 48 in Atoka, OK

Contact Shannon Raines–Studio 48 in Atoka, Oklahoma, at
(888) 497-2816 for more details about his history with music.